Saturday, June 04, 2011

George Allen: 'It's time for an American comeback'

June 4, 2011

Dear Patriots,

Unemployment has risen to 9.1 percent, single family home prices have dropped to their lowest level since April 2009, and not surprisingly consumer confidence has declined. This bad news underscores the recklessness of Washington's anti-jobs agenda of counterproductive energy policies, irresponsible spending, and dangerous debt. To Virginians this news only confirms what we have been saying - that the Washington liberals' big-government, tax-and-spend policies aren't working.

It has been over two years since Tim Kaine's allies in Washington passed their nearly $800 billion jobless stimulus. And in the past two years we have seen unemployment stuck at 8% or higher, gas prices have risen 52%, and trillion dollar deficits have become the norm.

It is time Washington gets the message.

Instead of blank checks, we need to put a priority on spurring economic growth and putting people back to work as we aggressively rein in the escalating spending in Washington. As I've repeatedly asserted, there should be no increase in the federal debt ceiling without meaningful reforms like a balanced budget amendment vote and significant, ironclad spending cuts. The current path we are on is dangerous and unsustainable, it will hinder our children's future ability to achieve the American Dream.

We also need an American job growth plan that creates the competitive, pro-growth tax and regulatory environment that will spur private sector jobs, and allow us to unleash our American energy resources for prosperity, security, and revenues to balance the budget.

It's time for an American comeback and that starts with a pro-growth agenda based on our foundational principles of freedom, opportunity for all, and personal responsibility. Join our team as we fight against the mandates, dictates, and dependency coming out of Washington. Together we will bring Virginians' values and voices to Washington.

Standing strong for Freedom,

George Allen

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