Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What does Democrat Sen. George Barker have to hide at townhall meeting?

What doesn't Virginia State Senator George Barker not want you to see at his townhall meeting?

Faced with questions from constituents at a town hall, Democrats desperately try to block camera -- fear. It's a primal response. When trapped, or confronted with danger, adrenaline flows and the pulse rises as the body prepares to fight for survival or flee to safety.

Which might explain why Democrats panicked when they saw a video camera in a townhall held by Senator George Barker.

Instead of just answering constituent questions, Democrat staffers blocked the camera - first with their bodies, then with newspapers.


Looking at Senator Barker's record, it's little wonder he's afraid to answer questions in front of a camera:

· He patroned SB 223 (2010), a stealth gas tax hike that would have made driving even more expensive.
· He voted for SB 6009 (2008 Spec. Session II) which would have hiked the gas tax repeatedly.
· He voted against SB 283 (2010), the bi-partisan effort to push back against ObamaCare.

With a track record like this, maybe blocking the camera wasn't such a bad idea, after all.

George Barker: Doing Whatever It Takes*

*(to avoid answering constituent questions on camera)

From Republican Party of Virginia

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