Saturday, June 18, 2011

WW II veteran "Hap" Halloran dead at 89

Many knew of Hap Halloran, the World War II veteran who was a prisoner of war in Japan during  the war years and who later reunited with his Japanese captors as a way to deal with his memories of the war. His passing this week at the age of 89 is a reminder that freedom is not free.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote:
Mr. Halloran, who earned the nickname Hap because he was always grinning during his early days in the Air Force, gave motivational lectures at military gatherings, corporate events and schools in Japan and the United States. He appeared in numerous World War II documentaries.
That's how I knew of him. The nickname "Hap" made him a familiar face not only to me but also to my mom who has done extensive research on World War II. Remembered as a hero, he was a businessman, husband, father, and friend to many. The SF Chronicle article is well worth the read.

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