Saturday, June 18, 2011

George Allen campaign kicks off newly-designed website

The George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign launched its newly designed, fully interactive campaign website at  The re-developed site will serve as a virtual campaign headquarters with all the web-based tools to run an effective grassroots campaign. 

The multi-level platform is designed to empower volunteers and supporters to work directly with the campaign, as well as provide easy access to the latest news, happenings, pictures and videos from the trail.  Interactive features, such as Facebook and Twitter, will allow visitors to share thoughts and ideas with the campaign and recruit like-minded friends to join the cause.
“We are building a strong grassroots team across Virginia and our new website will serve as an online gathering place to share ideas and catch up on all the latest activities,” said George Allen.  “This new site will connect supporters, keeping everyone engaged and involved while allowing us to interact more closely.”
The campaign also launched its latest web video, “Opportunities,” where Allen addresses the responsibility we have to the next generation to restore confidence in the American Dream. 
The Allen Campaign partnered with the technology firm Targeted Victory, a leader in website development and social networking, to build the user-friendly website that offers more functionality, customization and visitor options.  Incorporating this new technology into our overall plan of action will lead to a smarter, faster and more efficient campaign.  
Targeted Victory has a strong record of success developing online strategy and web-platforms for the winning campaigns of Florida Senator Marco Rubio and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.  Click here to view the new

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