Monday, June 06, 2011

What to do with a lost drug-sniffing dog? Augusta County has one on the loose....

Heads up, Sherando area residents: Ren has run away.

That's the news from the Augusta County Sheriff's office, according to NBC 29's Ken Slack. Ren, a drug-sniffing canine who works with deputies, caught wind of something other than drugs when she chased a deer into the woods Sunday night, leaving behind deputies who now don't know where she is.

Or maybe there's more to this story. Maybe it was a deer with a drug habit ... or that had drugs concealed on its body ... or had run through a marijuana field in the national forest carrying the scent of the whacky weed with it ... and Ren was just doing her job.

Whatever it was, Ren is gone and officials are conducting a search for the canine specially trained in narcotics detection. Deputies say she disappeared on the Coal Road in the Sherando area of southern Augusta County, and that she is not aggressive. Sherando Lake with its beach swimmers and campers is in the area.

Hmm. I've seen demonstrations by their handlers of our local drug-sniffing dogs and don't think I'd like to come up on one without one of the very capable Augusta County deputies nearby.

Heads up ... Ren is on the loose!

Update: Ren was found around 1:30 Monday afternoon on Mt. Torrey Road.

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