Friday, June 24, 2011

Count the blessings of life

Life gets busy and hectic, especially in the political arena, and we sometimes get lost in the fray. Tonight there's good news to celebrate and the Bearing Drift blogging family has slowed down to enjoy it.

Fellow BD blogger Ken Falkenstein's nine-week-old infant son, Josh, underwent heart surgery today to repair a defect. A dangerous procedure with a risk of failure, the multi-hour surgery turned out successfully and Josh is expected to make a full recovery.

Go on over to Bearing Drift and read Ken's post with updates about the surgery complete with a picture of that precious little angel. I think I'll kick back and count the blessings in my life and, while I'm at it, say (another) prayer for Ken and his family ... and for little Josh.

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Ken Falkenstein said...

Lynn- Thanks for this beautiful post. This was a wonderful day in the end, and all the more so for all of the great people who were think about and praying for Josh.