Tuesday, June 14, 2011

George Allen: 'Blueprint' promotes pro-growth jobs, opportunity for all

Dear Patriot,

Today, I released the "Blueprint for America's Comeback."

It's a pro-growth plan of action to jump start job creation, increase competitiveness, and promote freedom and opportunity for all. Our comprehensive plan will send a clear message to the rest of the world that "America is Open for Business."

These are challenging times for our nation, and for many the American Dream feels like it's slipping away. It's time to restore confidence in the drive and ingenuity of the American workforce and get back in control of our own economic destiny. Key components of my plan include:
To learn more about the Blueprint, click here to listen to my podcast with BearingDrift.com.

By promoting pro-growth policies that allow businesses to do what they do best - innovate, produce and create jobs - we can change the trajectory of the American economy and return to economic prosperity.

Please download and read our comprehensive blueprint and share it with others. Together, we can spark America's comeback.

Standing Strong for Freedom,
George Allen

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