Wednesday, June 01, 2011

George Allen: 'Don’t approve skyrocketing deficit spending & dangerous debt'

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Tuesday night to reject legislation that would have authorized additional borrowing by the federal government. U.S. Senate candidate George Allen issued a statement regarding that vote:
“In the five years since Democrats took control of Washington the national debt has shot up over 60% - $5.6 trillion. All while President Obama has made trillion dollar deficits the norm. Last night House Republicans took a stand for Virginians and future generations by repudiating calls from the White House and some Democrats for another blank check. In a bi-partisan vote they overwhelming showed President Obama that they cannot continue to pile up our nation’s debt without take serious steps to rein in the out of control spending.

“Some might call last night’s vote symbolic, but Virginians say it’s a small step in the right direction – we hope Washington gets the message. I have said repeatedly that there should be no increase in the federal debt ceiling without meaningful reforms like a balanced budget amendment vote and significant, ironclad spending cuts. The current path we are on is dangerous and unsustainable, it will endanger our children’s future and their ability to achieve the American Dream.”
George Allen for U.S. Senate 2012

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