Friday, November 02, 2012

George Allen begins 'Fighting for Our Jobs' Tour from Shenandoah Valley, Piedmont Virginia

Staunton, VA – Today, George Allen launched the “Fighting for Our Jobs” Tour in Bridgewater, Virginia. George Allen’s first stop of the day was at Dynamic Aviation, a defense company that provides a comprehensive range of innovative aviation solutions including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, airborne data acquisition, fire management and aerial application.

Joined by Congressman Bob Goodlatte, George Allen spoke at an employee town hall meeting held in an airplane hangar at Dynamic Aviation, which employs nearly 700 aviation-related professionals.

“Building this business through hard work and innovation has shown the promise and reality of the American Dream for us at Dynamic Aviation,” said Michael Stoltzfus, President and CEO of Dynamic Aviation. “We have a simple business model: buy airplanes, put them on contract, serve our customers extremely well and then buy more airplanes to create more jobs. We have a choice on Tuesday. We can either vote for more taxes leading to less money for airplanes and fewer jobs, or we can support George Allen who will be for more jobs for Dynamic Aviation. George Allen understands what it takes to create jobs, and that’s why Virginia added hundreds of thousands of jobs when he was Governor. We need his leadership in Washington now to stop the impending defense cuts that could harm our military and Virginia jobs.”

“Virginians throughout our Commonwealth are ready to change the economic uncertainty and failure of leadership they see coming out of Washington,” said George Allen. “Under a Washington deal that Tim Kaine says is ‘the right thing to do,’ Virginia faces over 200,000 lost jobs while our military is cut by an additional $500 Billion. These devastating cuts would affect job-creators from Dynamic Aviation to Virginia’s real estate market to services industries. I want to get our economy moving again by stopping these harmful defense cuts and setting in place a pro-jobs growth plan of action. We can create over 500,000 jobs a year with a more simple, fair and competitive tax code, more reasonable regulations, and unleashing our energy resources from the coalfields to the coast. I’m ready to be Virginians’ voice in the U.S. Senate for an American Comeback because I know that my job is to fight for Virginians jobs.”

Following his visit to Dynamic Aviation, George Allen and Congressman Goodlatte traveled to Staunton for a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) event at Mrs. Rowe’s Family Restaurant and Bakery, a family-owned and operated small business established in 1947. Also joined by Delegates Rob Bell and Dickie Bell as well as Waynesboro Councilman Mike Harris, George Allen greeted dozens of local families and residents who are ready for a better future by voting on November 6 for new leadership in Washington with Mitt Romney and George Allen.

Allen will also travel to Albemarle County, where he will headline a GOTV event at the Charlottesville-Albemarle County Victory Office. In addition to rallying volunteers to get out the vote for Mitt Romney and George Allen, the event will feature a Mitt Romney bus promoted by Virginia Victory chairman Pete Snyder and Delegate Rob Bell.

The “Fighting for Our Jobs” tour underscores the concerns on voters’ minds and the focus of George Allen’s campaign: jobs and the economy. He will build on his record of working with Democrats to help create 300,000 new jobs for Virginia and stop the devastating defense cuts under a deal that threatens 200,000 Virginia jobs. George Allen will always know that his job is to fight for our jobs.

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