Tuesday, November 06, 2012

LIVE from the Clocktower Restaurant in downtown Staunton ... SWAC Election Night Party!

4:00 pm: We're live in beautiful, historic downtown Staunton where Republican voters from throughout the Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County (SWAC) area will be gathering at the Clocktower Restaurant to watch election returns on big screen TVs tuned to Fox News.

Many thanks to Clocktower owners John and Kim for their hospitality in providing the back room with the TVs, overhead projector for return results and election map graphics, and music to keep the place jumping. Thanks also to Kurt Michael and Jason Bibeau for technical help, and to the Clocktower's audio-visual technician, Ken, for his expertise. The three of them worked Monday night to get everything set up, and they are here this afternoon doing last-minute prep to be sure we're ready to go.

The Clocktower will be serving dinner in their beautiful dining area so feel free to stop in after work, enjoy a leisurely dinner, and then join us in the back room for the party.

Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte plans to Skype from Roanoke with the local gathering in Staunton at around 8:10 pm, and others from around the Commonwealth plan to check in as well as we stay in touch with Bearing Drift colleagues. They will keep us up-to-date on activities with Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, U.S. Senate candidate George Allen, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor from the Omni Hotel in downtown Richmond.

After numerous requests about getting together on Election Night, the SWAC Breakfast group decided to try something new and teamed up with the owners of the Clocktower Restaurant in historic downtown Staunton where local political watchers will meet when the polls close.

Dinner, appetizers, and drinks from the cash bar will be available dutch-treat from the extensive menu while watching big screen TVs tuned to Fox News to broadcast election results from Virginia and across the country. Music, a big screen projector, and patriotic decorations will add to the festive atmosphere of the night.

If you're looking for a place to gather with friends and watch Election 2012, join us at the Clocktower with business leaders, elected officials, community leaders, young adults, military veterans, First Responders, law enforcement veterans, volunteers, and many more. Spread the word ... all are welcome!

Free parking available on the street or in the Johnson Street Parking Garage (one-half block away). Clocktower Restaurant is located on the corner of W. Beverley Street and Central Avenue.

6:00 pm: HAPPY HOUR at the Clocktower until 9:00 tonight. $2 domestic beer bottles, $3 rail liquor drinks.

Local businessman Frank Root just stopped by to say hi, and an early group is here for dinner. Skyping test is complete for our Skyping session at 8:10 with Congressman Bob Goodlatte.

7:00 pm: More people are showing up to enjoy dinner and/or Happy Hour. Music is playing, big screen TVs are tuned to Fox News, and there's a festive atmosphere in the room.

8:00 pm: CNN has called it for Virginia Congressmen Hurt, Goodlatte, Cantor, and Griffith.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte will now be Skyping with us around 9:00 on the big projector screen.

8:30 pm: Congressman Goodlatte Skyped into the party with a thank you to  everyone for their support and work during the campaign. He overwhelmingly won his re-election in the 6th District.

9:00 pm: State Senator Emmett Hanger stopped by and addressed the crowd that is listening to the slow returns. He thanked everyone for their help during this election. Kurt walked with him around the room as they talked with folks....

9:30 pm: Augusta County Supervisor David Karaffa rallied up the crowd by talking about freedom and how important these elections are....

9:45 pm: Delegate Dickie Bell just stopped by to address the crowd and thank them for their help in this campaign. He is mingling with everyone....

Fox News Channel is showing House Speaker John Boehner and everyone is listening closely....

George Allen took Augusta County with 71% of the vote which made this room very happy when it was announced.

10:00 pm: Florida is in the balance, as Fox News is reporting, and a special Florida map has been added to the big screen projector on the wall, broken down into counties to see how they will come in.

Many are thinking it's going to be a long night as we listen to these returns.

11:00 pm: Governor George Allen has conceded to Tim Kaine....

11:30 pm: They are now projecting that Mitt Romney has narrowly lost to Barack Obama.

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Joy Jackson said...

Lynn, I'm a bit heartsick over the losses tonight. I never would have believed that Allen would lose, although I was concerned about the Presidential election. It's not over, though, until it's over. One thing is sure, God is in control, no matter what happens.