Saturday, November 10, 2012

My parents worked the polls

Tuesday was election day and, just as they have for years, my parents worked the polls at their Chesterfield County precinct. What's so extraordinary about that?

They are in their mid-80s. And still volunteering for the Chesterfield County Republican Committee.

Many thanks to the numerous friends in the 7th Congressional District and especially Chesterfield -- my growing-up stomping grounds -- for their hard work and dedication for Mitt Romney and George Allen and Eric Cantor. They've got a Congressman to be proud of, who represents them well in Washington, and who works hard as Majority Leader in Congress. Republicans kept control of the House so the leadership should stay in intact.

None of it could be done without volunteers. In any group, volunteers are the heart of the organization ... and two of those are my parents. Thanks, Guys!

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