Sunday, November 18, 2012

Prediction: Warner out, McAuliffe in

As Terry McAuliffe plows ahead with plans to run as the Democratic candidate in Virginia's gubernatorial race next year, it seems to be more and more obvious that Senator Mark Warner is out.

Warner, who had announced that he would make a decision by Thanksgiving on whether to try for another run at Governor, had pretty much been assured of a sure thing if he had chosen to run. However, with McAuliffe putting together a campaign team, one has to wonder if a deal has been struck between the two men.

Reporter Wesley Hester at the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the team will consist of
campaign manager Robby Mook and deputy campaign manager Levar Stoney, both experienced Democratic strategists.

If no one challenges McAuliffe, he will sail toward election day while Republicans head toward a contentious convention to nominate either Lt. Governor Bill Bolling or Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Of the two men, polls have shown that only Bolling could win against McAuliffe.

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