Monday, November 05, 2012

If I had a chance to talk with George Allen

George Allen and Gov. Bob McDonnell

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"
Sign on George Allen's father's desk that was passed on to Gov. Allen.

As George Allen stopped in Staunton last Friday to enjoy lunch with a packed room of supporters, Election Day was just four days away. He had been on the campaign trail for almost two years and now the goal was within reach.

It's been a hectic two years but if there was an opportunity to sit down and talk with George Allen, I know what I would say.

First, I would tell him how much I respect him, his family, and his service to Virginia as well as the many sacrifices and strong work ethic that are necessary from any public servant ... about how much I admire his wife, Susan, who has tirelessly crisscrossed Virginia on his behalf, and what a strong ambassador she is for his character, ideals, and beliefs.

I would tell him how much I appreciate the time he has put into an almost two-year campaign, the energy, the dedication, the days and weeks away from family, the incredible amount of time spent with Virginians all across the Commonwealth, listening to their stories of triumph and the painful stories of disappointment. Coal, small businesses, lay-offs, mom & pop stores, larger corporations ... all hurting from the depressed economy or overreaching government regulations.

I would thank him for his attention to detail that is vintage George Allen, and is complimented with his willingness to always thank his supporters and volunteers. It's in his DNA ... he has always done it and nothing has changed.

I would share with him that I like his positive TV ads, and the slogan that says, "My job is to fight for yours."

I would let him know that I love Kay Coles James' ad, "Impossible," that reemphasizes that the word "impossible" is not in George Allen's vocabulary. I like that he is not a quitter or a complainer or a whiner. As an admirer of Winston Churchill, I have always believed in Churchill's philosophy to, "Never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up." George Allen lives that.

I would tell him how proud I have been to be represented by him over the years as Governor and Senator. 

Finally, I would tell him what an honor it has been to serve as his coordinator at the local level  ...

... and I would end our talk by simply saying, "Thank you."

A gentleman, a statesman, a leader ... a husband, dad, son, friend.  George Allen 2012. It's time.

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Bob K. said...

I would thank him for his thirty years of public service, beginning as our Delegate, continuing in Congress, as our Governor and in the Senate.