Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hero dad surprises family for Thanksgiving

From Move America Forward....
This heartwarming story comes to us from a military family in the heart of Iowa. This Navy officer was lucky enough to come home for Thanksgiving, to spend the holiday surrounded by friends and family in the warmth and safety that we enjoy back home. But remember that the 67,000 troops still deployed over in Afghanistan aren't so lucky, they must spend another Thanksgiving far away from their families.

KCCI Channel 8 Des Moines
November 17, 2012

ALTOONA, Iowa - A fourth-grader reading an essay about his superhero dad at a school assembly didn't know the Naval officer was in the audience, making for a heart-warming reunion at an Iowa elementary school.

The students at Centennial Elementary School spent weeks talking about heroes. The fourth-graders had a contest for the best essays about their own heroes, and the winners got to speak at the assembly on Friday.

"My superhero dad. My dad is my hero. He serves for our country, he helps take care of my family and he is also a hard worker," Jackson said.

Little did Jackson know, his superhero was closer than he could imagine.

"I'm coming home. This is my R & R time, so I'm going to spend Thanksgiving here and back to Afghanistan after that," said U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Brian Burrows.

Jackson had no idea his dad was home, let alone in the same building.

"He is Afghanistan right now. Is that not a hero to you? I cannot wait to see my dad again," Jackson said, reading his essay aloud.

As we plan our family get-togethers this year, take a moment to think about families who aren't able to have their loved ones home for Thanksgiving. There are thousands of families around the country who also have young men and women deployed overseas. For our sake, they will be missed on Thanksgiving while we back home are enjoying the opportunity to spend time with our families. Is there something we can do to thank them for this sacrifice?

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