Sunday, November 04, 2012

'Why I support Mitt Romney': News Leader column from Kurt Michael

"I support Mitt Romney because he will take America to a place where hope is real."

So begins Dr. Kurt Michael's column in today's Staunton News Leader. As Virginians and, indeed, Americans across the country prepare to vote on Tuesday, Kurt succinctly identifies the reasons there has to be a change in Washington by electing Mitt Romney for President. Romney's own plan for America is a guideline:
Mitt Romney now has a plan for America’s financial well-being. His economic proposal consists of five points: 1) energy independence achieved by utilizing the country’s natural resources; 2) fair trade with other countries to level the playing field for American companies; 3) focusing on job training and public education; 4) cutting the deficit and getting the national debt under control; and, 5) working with small businesses by reducing red tape and implementing common sense tax reform. Imagine what a Mitt Romney presidency will do for the U.S. economy. The choice is clear.
Tuesday will tell what direction America will go for the next four years.

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