Saturday, January 04, 2014

How to send get-well wishes to former First Lady Barbara Bush

Send your well-wishes to Barbara Bush. Mrs. Bush will appreciate your personal note and your support of her Foundation’s work for a more literate America. We will forward your well-wishes to her. --from Barbara Bush Foundation
Former First Lady Barbara Bush didn't have a very good start to the New Year after being admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on the first day of 2014. Best wishes for a speedy recovery have come in from around the world, and now the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy has provided a way for everyone to send get-well wishes.

Click on the foundation link and leave a personal message. Here's sending prayers for Mrs. Bush's complete recovery.

UPDATE: Mrs. Bush has been released from the hospital, according to Bush friends. Mrs. Bush expressed her gratitude as she noted, "I cannot thank the doctors and nurses at Houston Methodist enough for making sure I got the best treatment and got back to George and our dogs as quickly as possible,"

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