Thursday, January 23, 2014

McDonnell defense challenges federal charges

From The Restoration Fund: Governor Bob McDonnell's legal team filed their first public motions in response to the government's wrongful indictment built upon a witness with no credibility. Please take the time to click on the below links which directly challenges the entire foundation of the government's case.
"Bob McDonnell is an innocent man.  He never entered into an illegal agreement with Mr. Jonnie Williams or Star Scientific, nor did he ever promise or provide them any official benefits.  To bring today's indictment, the federal government has concocted a never-before-used legal theory manufactured for the sole purpose of prosecuting Governor McDonnell and his wife.  This new theory contravenes settled judicial precedent and disregards longstanding Virginia law and practice, seeking to punish the McDonnells for conduct that was legal before today.  The government's rickety legal foundation, moreover, underlies a precarious factual case, built largely from immunized testimony purchased with under-the-table promises to a key witness who would otherwise face criminal liability and massive financial penalties.  The federal government's decision to use these deceitful tactics in order to prosecute a popular and successful Republican Governor immediately upon his leaving office is disgraceful, violates basic principles of justice, and is contemptuous of the citizens of Virginia who elected him." 
To read the complete background on this case, click on the two links below.

Defense Motion 1
Defense Motion 2

See also the following from respected DC attorney Chris Ashby: 10 quick thoughts on the case against Bob McDonnell.

- Former Governor Bob McDonnell calls charges false, holds press conference.

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