Friday, January 24, 2014

Staunton's Depot Grille ... lunch with Barb

I met Barb today for lunch at the Depot Grille at Staunton's train station where we ate on the "porch" that overlooks downtown Staunton, enjoying the snow and icicles outside the window.

We lingered over lunch getting caught up on life until we were the only ones left on the porch. That's what happens when long-time political junkies get together ... well, at least when these two political junkies get together. LOL.

 As the 14-degree temp crept in the windows, Barb moved over closer to the gas logs.

 I forgot to take the usual food shot but here's the iced tea glass.  :)

At mid-day it was a whopping 14 degrees in downtown Staunton.

A flower pot of colorful crayons invites all to unleash the artist inside all of us. Barb set to work leaving a message on the table: "" as in Ed Gillespie.

We talked about local politics, state politics, national politics, and we talked about Ed.

Those icicles would put a hurt on you if they let loose over your head but they surely were pretty looking out the window over the Wharf and downtown Staunton.

Good lunch, as always, and good friendship. Thanks, Barb!

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
Staunton, Virginia
January 24, 2014

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