Friday, January 03, 2014

Smitty's Axis of Fedorables

I'm traveling the internet today popping in on old blogging friends so had to stop by The Other McCain and see what those guys were up to. I keep up with Smitty through Facebook ... his little boy -- the world's youngest blogger -- is absolutely adorable. Today there were FB pictures of him playing in the snow ... so cute!

As one of Smitty's Axis of Fedorables, I looked in on the club of bloggers who have met Smitty over the years and had photos taken with him while they were wearing his trademark fedora. The list is a bit longer than it was three years ago when I met Smitty at the tea party convention in Richmond and, along with some of my blogging colleagues, was added to the club. Here's the group:
That a good group of bloggers. After visiting Pat in Shreveport this morning (months of a busy life had caused me to fall off on my blog reading), it was comforting to see the familiar names of not just these but also others around the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, Smitty and Stacy continue to keep us informed with news and opinion and links. Many thanks to two dedicated writers ... I'll be by regularly in the new year.

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