Friday, January 03, 2014

Keeping up with Fishersville Mike

In my internet journey today, there's no need to "catch up" with local blogger Fishersville Mike since I regularly pop in on him. We are both listed on the Staunton News Leader aggregator and sometimes cross paths while out and about the SWAC area, most notably at the Mitt Romney rally in October 2012 at Expoland in Fishersville. A fellow member of Smitty's Axis of Fedorables, Mike is a crossroads for many of the other bloggers with a running blog update on his sidebar.

The only thing I could disagree with him about is his Grumpy Cat on the sidebar with the warning, "Let it snow somewhere else." LOL. I'm a snow lover but it sounds like my fellow SWAC blogger would like to jump from Christmas straight into spring.

I've been to see Pat in Shreveport today as well as Smitty at The Other McCain. Here's a wave at Mike in Fishersville just a short hop from my corner of Augusta County ... I'm on my way to visit another blogger friend. Happy 2014!

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