Friday, January 03, 2014

McAuliffe rounds out Cabinet with former First Lady Anne Holton as Secretary of Education

The latest cabinet announcement for Democratic Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe is appointing former First Lady Anne Holton, daughter of former Republican Governor Linwood Holton and wife of former Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, as Secretary of Education.

Ms. Holton joins other appointees as McAuliffe prepares to take office. Names in parentheses hold those positions in the McDonnell administration:

Chief of Staff
- Paul Reagan (Martin Kent)

Deputy Chief of Staff
- Suzette Denslow

Secretary of the Commonwealth
- Levar Stoney (Janet Vestal Kelly)

Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry
- Todd Haymore (reappointed from McDonnell administration)

Secretary of Natural Resources
- Molly Joseph Ward (Doug Domenech)

Secretary of Finance
- Ric Brown (reappointed from McDonnell administration; has served 12 governors)

Secretary of Health and Human Resources
- Bill Hazel (reappointed from McDonnell administration)

Secretary of Education
- Anne Holton (Javaid Siddiqi)

Secretary of Public Safety
- Brian Moran (Bryan Rhode)

Secretary of Technology
- Karen Jackson (Jim Duffey)

Secretary of Transportation
- Aubrey Layne, Jr. (Sean Connaughton)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security
- John Harvey, Jr. (Jim Hopper)

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