Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Augusta County Board of Supervisors meeting

Attended tonight's Augusta County Board of Supervisors meeting for the first time in a while. I've been going to those meetings since 2001, usually on a regular basis, but have been lax the past year because I've been busy with other things. It's good, however, to know what is going on at the local level. Some observations from tonight....

... All the supervisors were there.

... Supervisor candidates for November's election were in attendance.

... A former neighbor, Leeanne Crookshanks, was there in her role as Waynesboro's director of tourism to discuss the GART/Tourism Board. A lively discussion ensued about the Tourism Board and, from the little I heard, I tended to agree with South River Supervisor David Beyeler about the need for more representatives on the board for input from the citizens of the area. I need to follow up on that....

... Met DuBoise Eggleston who said he planned to run again for the Waynesboro City Council in the spring.

... TV-3, Bob Stuart, and another reporter were there to cover the meeting.

... Dr. Gary McQuain, Superintendent of Augusta County Schools, presented information to the board.

... Students from Buffalo Gap High School attended for credit in their Government Class.

... The Parks and Rec representatives attended for an issue they presented to the board. Two of the members are former campaign managers of supervisors on the board.

... A Citizens Advisory Committee consisting of 12 people was appointed by Wayne District Supervisor Wendell Coleman, Beverley Manor District Supervisor Jim Bailey, and South River District Supervisor David Beyeler.

... Board of Supervisors candidate Jeremy Shifflett had put up 4x4 signs in Verona when I drove through this afternoon. I like those red signs ... they pop out at you!

Always a pleasure to see our supervisors in action....

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