Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"But they support our troops. No, really!!!"

Whether in a boxing match or a military confrontation, there is one guiding principle that transcends time, culture and language: the first one to leave the theater of conflict before it is concluded, loses. -- From JonQuixoteWorld

Jon Quixote at JonQuixoteWorld blog has researched and written an indepth two-part post titled "But they support our troops. No, really!!!" He opens with:
This is a two-part blogpost that documents how key figures in the Democratic Party, and the leftist anti-war groups who claim they now “own” it, have been subverting America’s war on Islamist terror – and the U.S. soldiers who are fighting it – despite their continued protestations that they “support our troops.”

The mainstream media (MSM) has failed (some would say refused) to hold Democrats accountable for their subversive actions and blatant hypocrisy. Therefore, it is up to individual bloggers (like me) to do the MSM’s job.
He further describes how he broke down the research into two parts:
Part I (this essay) provides a narrative background and summary of the Democratic Party’s subversions since soon after the start of the Iraq war.

Part II provides a detailed, sourced chronology and background of the statements of (a) leading Democrats, (b) America’s military and intelligence agency leaders, and (c) al Qaeda and other militant Islamist groups – all in a timeline that enables the reader to instantly see the relationships between them.
All the valuable information and research make this a post to earmark, copy, and return to time and time again. Great work, Jon.

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