Thursday, September 20, 2007

LTE: "Don't Leave Iraq As Tide Begins To Turn"

[Today's Richmond Times-Dispatch published a letter to the editor from Josh Levy. Josh blogs at Win the War and led the Win the War rally against Cindy Sheehan in Charlottesville in June.]

Don't Leave Iraq As Tide Begins to Turn

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

The article, "Study: U.S. Should Lower Profile in Iraq," notes Democratic calls for a firm deadline for "withdrawal" (otherwise known as "retreat"). It is ironic that these calls come when even Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama admit that there has been significant military success. Moreover, Katie Couric just reported recently on the "real progress" in Iraq.

Things are turning around. The Iraqis are working more than ever with us to defeat the militias and jihadists. Only three months after the new strategy was fully implemented, large areas of Iraq have been pacified. Just because Iraq is not yet a complete success in all ways hardly justifies abandoning our efforts.

Josh Levy

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