Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yellow Dog Roundup ... what the blogs are saying about NAMBLA-gate - Updated

The latest posts concerning Joe Stanley's controversial linking of the ODBA domain name to NAMBLA. The story continues to grow....

* Jim Riley at Virginia Virtucon: How Would You View This?

* Ward at The Ward View: Are Ben and Joey Trying to Intimidate Reporters?

* F22 Strike at United Conservatives of Virginia: We Are the ODBA.

* Kilo at Spark It Up!!! The Franklin News Post covers the Joey Stanley, Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson NAMBLA linking Fiasco.

* Jim Riley at Virginia Virtucon: How Would You View This?

* Scott's Morning Brew: Ben and Joey is “scary”…


* Grumpy's Gripes writes Boring and says, "Well it’s been a boring couple of weeks in the news and the Blogosphere… well… save for the Joey Stanley/Pedophile/Been Tribbett debacle. Every time I turn around those two are sticking their feet in their mouths. Of course it has picked up steam and has now hit the main stream media. I hope it crucifies them both. Sorry pukes."

* James Atticus Bowden at Deo Vindice posts The Silence of the Lame where he notes that Joe Stanley wrote that the ODBA "was out of control and needed to be stopped." Jim wrote, "Need to be stopped? From blogging? How odd and telling about Liberals/Democrats/Human Secularists/Socialists, our totalitarians in training."

* Chris at Mason Conservative finally waded into the controversy with Interested Reading in which he notes Ben Tribbett's comment to The New Dominion's Chris Graham: “Finally, I am planning to seek comments from statewide Democratic candidates on whether they would ever feel comfortable talking to you again." Chris observes, "I get the feeling that there is some sort of coverup going on here, why else would Ben make such an outrageous threat? And a larger question, what does it say about Democrats in Virginia if they let a blogger and a consultant tell them who is good enough to talk to."

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