Tuesday, September 25, 2007

McDonnell: "Project SafetyNet VA"

[From the AG's office]

This September has been quite busy for Attorney General Bob McDonnell. In addition to traveling the state supporting our Republican team and running the Commonwealth's law firm, the Attorney General has also raised public awareness about a critical issue facing Virginians: Internet Safety.

On September 4th the Attorney General launched "Project SafetyNet VA" a multi-faceted and innovative public awareness campaign designed to inform students, parents, and teachers about how to stay safe online. The effort includes distribution of a creative Internet safety book for third-graders -- The "Faux Paw's" Internet Safety Book for Virginia Students. This book will be available to every public, private, parochial and home schooled third grader in the state and it teaches students how to stay safe online. The Attorney General also took his message to older students by rolling out a major contest for 6-12th graders in the state. Students will compete to make their own 30 second television ads about online safety, with the winning team seeing their ad aired on Virginia television next year and winning an X-Box 360.

The Office of the Attorney General has placed ads about the Internet safety contest in publications such as The Washington Post, Virginia Living Magazine, the Bristol Herald-Courier, and Richmond Parents Monthly. The Attorney General has read the "Faux Paw's" book to students in Danville, Amherst, Falls Church, Henrico, and Chesapeake and staff members from the Office of the Attorney General have made "Safety Net" presentations about Internet safety to parents and students from Roanoke to Arlington.

This September, Virginia students teachers and parents are learning important lessons about how to stay safe online. They are simple lessons but they can make all the difference in the world. It's all part of Attorney General Bob McDonnell's continuing work to build a safer and stronger Virginia.

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David Briggman said...

It's too bad the Attorney General isn't concerned that his office is condoning the unauthorized practice of law by non-attorney employees of the Division of Child Support Enforcement. That's why Bob's been added to the lawsuit pending against DCSE and the Commonwealth of Virginia in US District Court in Harrisonburg.

Bob's a statist...his opinions on issues appear to change depending on whomever he's speaking to.