Thursday, September 06, 2007

Laura Cavedo and daughters, victims of fatal Afton wreck, to be laid to rest Saturday

A tragic car accident near Afton in neighboring Nelson County took the lives of Laura Cavedo and her daughters on August 30. Stopped on Rt. 151 to make a left turn, Mrs. Cavedo's vehicle was hit from behind and spun into oncoming traffic where it was hit again. This obituary in today's Richmond and Waynesboro newspapers has details about Saturday's funeral service.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family at this difficult time, and to the husband of fellow ODBA member Kat whose cousin is the surviving husband/father.

From Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Waynesboro News Virginian:


CAVEDO, Dr. Laura Clayton, 48, and her daughters, Elschen Aramer Strickler, 12, and Iliana Rose Strickler, 9, of Crozet, Va., died Thursday, August 30, 2007.

Laura was born May 16, 1959 in Saudi Arabia, the daughter of Richard T. and Laura W. Cavedo. Laura graduated high school from Chickahominy Academy in 1976. She received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University. Some of her most deeply held values included the environment, alternative medicine and social justice. Her values gave her the passion to be the best mother she could be, and the children were a testament to her success.

She is survived by her husband, Dale E. Strickler; her father, Richard T. Cavedo; her sister, Kendall C. Maynard; and her nephews, Troy V. Maynard and Prescott R. Maynard.

Elschen, born in Huntingdon, Pa., lived most of her life at Shannon Farm Community in Nelson County. She loved animals, art, music, and bringing her incredible creativity to life in all she did. She lived and breathed horses. She was a member of the U.S. Pony Club where she had earned her D-2 rating and competed in the National Pony Club Quiz Rally in Kentucky during the summer. She was an avid and amazingly fast reader, and especially loved fantasy books. She was a skilled practitioner of Aikido and a passionate gardener. She was to start the 7th grade at the Charlottesville Waldorf School this year.

Iliana, born in Charlottesville, Va., lived all of her life at Shannon Farm Community in Nelson County. She was complex, big-hearted and compassionate. She spent hours inventing a cage that her handicapped parakeet could use, rather than chance its ill fate if she returned it to the pet store. She would climb anyone who was willing to act as a living jungle gym, she loved to have her father hold her upside down so she could "walk" on the ceiling, and she wasn't about to allow even the biggest of horses to intimidate her, despite her small size. She had earned her D-2 rating in the Pony Club and looked forward to riding first flight with the Oak Ridge Hunt Club. She was a skilled practitioner of Aikido and had a passion for drawing and building often quite complex things. She was to start the 4th grade at the Charlottesville Waldorf School this year.

The children are survived by their father, Dale E. Strickler; grandfathers, Donald W. Strickler and Richard T. Cavedo; aunt, Kendall C. Maynard; uncle, Victor K. Maynard; and cousins, Troy V. Maynard and Prescott R. Maynard.

Outdoor memorial service 1 p.m. Saturday, September 8, 2007, at Shannon Farm Community, 469 Shannon Farm Lane, Afton, Va. 22920. You may call 434-263-4097 for directions.

A celebration of their lives will be held at the home of Richard T. Cavedo at 1573 Kingsland Rd., Richmond, Va., at 6 p.m. Friday, September 7, 2007.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to either the Charlottesville Waldorf School at 120 Waldorf School Road, Charlottesville, Va. 22901, web:, or the Natural Resources Defense Council at 40 West 20th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011, web:


Anonymous said...

R.I.P. you were very sweet people, and did not deserve to die the way you did. Elschen, you were very shy and I'm sorry I never got to know you beter. You always seemed sweet, gentle and thoughtful. I will never forget you. I give you all my love and remorse.

Robert said...

Laura Clayton Cavedo was my very first girlfriend when I was 14. We met at camp in 1974. She and I wrote letters to each other for a couple of years. I met her parents and Laura and I paddled down the James once to a relative's home.
This is very sad to come upon this news. RIP, Laura and daughters.

Der Nachforscher said...

Clay was at Penn State when I was a confused undergraduate. She was very kind and accepting of me despite our radically different beliefs (at the time). I truly regret I lost touch with her.