Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Gathering of Eagles" coming up Sept. 15....

Received an email from a friend, a Marine veteran who had attended SWAC Support the Troops rallies and was in Charlottesville this summer to stand up to Cindy Sheehan. He has on several occasions joined his fellow vets in D.C. as part of the Gathering of Eagles.

The first time I met him he attended a Support the Troops rally held at the courthouse in Staunton where he stood at parade rest in the pouring down rain the entire time ... except when he snapped to attention to salute the American flag.

His email said he had something for me ... and he sent it my way Tuesday afternoon.

What he sent me was a large flag that said "We Support Our Troops" with a yellow ribbon made into it. It was already on a pole ready to fly at Support the Troops and Gathering of Eagles rallies.

He also gave me something else ... a "Gathering of Eagles" armband. It has the American eagle, the group's name, and the American flag.

We're gearing up for the September 15th rally to stand up to the anti-war protesters who will march on the White House ... no matter what the report is from Gen. Petraeus. They've planned it for months.

I'm grateful for my friend's service to our country, and for his support in previous rallies, and for the flag and armband that I can use in upcoming rallies.

Semper Fi.

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