Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookie baking weekend ... creativity from all!

The creativity comes out during our annual traditional cookie baking weekend as all hands pitch in to decorate dozens of sugar cookies.

SWAC Niece, SWAC Daughter, SWAC Son, SWAC Husband, my sister, and I used icings and sprinkles and dragees and everything else we could find to come up with this wide assortment of decorated cookies.

My sister and I have a huge assortment of cookie cutters, passed down and collected throughout the years, that are especially put into use at Christmas.

SWAC Niece rolls out sugar cookie dough (on the left) while SWAC Daughter cuts out gingerbread figures (on the right). We turned out dozens of decorated sugar cookies as well as gingerbread, fudge, and toffee ... and the tradition continues....

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
December 12, 2009

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Jason Bibeau said...

Yes please, notice I didn't state which one, color, or quanity.