Saturday, April 09, 2011

The great name search for The Other McCain's "Baby Smitty"

Have I mentioned  Smitty is expecting? Or, more specifically, Mrs. Smitty is expecting and the new little Baby Smitty is due in July. Today Baby Smitty takes over the keyboard from his/her dad over at The Other McCain to plead for help in a crisis ... a name crisis.

Apparently the name search is on and Smitty is in need of suggestions from the blogging world. Now, I could warn him that turning to that eclectic group could be risky because who knows what kind of names will be put out there for consideration especially with the names of those in the blogosphere ... Little Miss Atilla, Fausta, Granny Rant, Haemet, DaTechGuyBlogustine, Jawa ... how about Troglopundit?

See what I mean? Smitty is asking those of us in the blogosphere for suggestions of names for his first-born! It could be a risky request but then, again, it could be very simple. If it's a boy, he could be called That Mr. G Guy. If it's a girl, I have the perfect name. How about SWAC Girl? Yeah, that's it.

What? You want something different? You mean something more mainstream like Andrew or Matthew or Susie or Katy?

Go ahead ... send your name suggestions to Baby Smitty and perhaps he/she will sort through them and bond with one that feels just right. LOL. It's fun to name babies but also a little stressful knowing that whatever a parent writes on that birth certificate is final and legal.

Happy adventures in name searching!

P.S. As I reread the post, I noted it was written by "Unborn Son of Smitty." So it appears we're looking for boy names. Too bad ... looks like SWAC Girl is out of the running....

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