Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A spring stroll around the yard on Wednesday

 The Appalachians Mountains....
 Flowering cherry tree (foreground), flowering plum tree, and forsythia. The cherry tree was a gift from Iredell County Home Educators (ICHE), our home school group in North Carolina, when we moved back to Virginia. The others were extras from my parents' yard in Midlothian.
 Bradford Pear tree overlooks the back yard.
 Japonica bushes are in full bloom.

Flowering cherry tree blossoms against the gorgeous blue sky.
The small sassafras grove with forsythia in full bloom.
Flowering pink plum tree with blooming yellow forsythia.
Deciduous trees are beginning to bud.

Flowering plum.

With many trees and flowers blooming in our yard, I headed outside on Wednesday with camera in hand to enjoy the gorgeous sunny day and take photos before the stiff breeze blew away all the blooms. Sure enough, there was a pedal snowstorm that increased as the afternoon wore on. Snow squalls yesterday ... sunny and 60s today with promises of temps in the 70s over the weekend. It's spring in Virginia....

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
6 April 2011


Shirley Cox Schroeder said...

You live in a corner of God's country, Lynn..I love it in the valley..and miss my Virginia hills..Your photos are super!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Even though we've lived here 15 years, I still pinch myself to be sure I'm really living in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains and in the valley of the "Daughter of the Stars." We are indeed blessed. Thanks for your very kind words.