Thursday, April 26, 2012

George Allen: 'It's time for America to make a grand comeback'

By George Allen
Thursday, April 26, 2012

America has always been energized by the power of ideas, the decency of its people, and the unifying passion of a purpose in our lives and blessed country. Although we've faced many challenges, we have always risen to overcome them.

As a result, America is known throughout the world for its extraordinary courage: To come together. To stand in harm's way. To speak out. To reach for new heights. And to never, ever give up.

With millions unemployed and an economy sputtering, many people today have seen their dreams diminished. Parents don't know if their children will enjoy the same opportunities they had growing up. And entrepreneurs are worried Washington will make it impossible for their business to survive or be passed on to their children.

These stories are being told all across Virginia and the nation. And though they're very real stories of our present, they don't have to be prevalent stories in our future.

The power of our nation's purpose remains as strong as ever and that fight for America's future is ours to win. We need people in Washington who share America's vision for the three ideals most of us still want our nation to be: free, strong, and a beacon.

In many ways, this election is about the freedom that made America great and prosperous. Freedom to start and grow a small business. Freedom to choose the doctors and medical care we want. Freedom to practice our religion and uphold our moral traditions. Freedom to use our plentiful energy resources to control our destiny for job growth and more affordable fuel, food and electricity. Freedom to make local decisions. Freedom from a bloated, debt-ridden intrusive government that not even the richest country on Earth can afford.

We are currently on a dangerous path for our nation and our families. With every new tax, regulation and mandate our country grows less free and less prosperous.

America's citizens — not a distant, unaccountable government — are most capable of making the decisions for ourselves and our families.

Washington powers are wrong — and this November, we must stand together to tell them so. …

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