Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is the worth of a stay-at-home-mom?

In light of the controversy over a derogatory comment made by a liberal Obama supporter about stay-at-home moms and making the comment that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life, my friend Bob Kirchman at The Journey sent over the following that he published in THYME magazine  on March 15, 2012....
"But looking at Proverbs 31, we run the risk of cheapening the true value of a person if we reduce her to simply a wage earner, albeit a powerful one.

A while ago I asked a young artist to help me in the studio. I told her: 'I'm not going to pay you what you're worth, I'll pay you what the job is worth. If I had to pay you what you are worth I couldn't afford you.'

That distinction comes to mind as we ruminate on the value of our wives and daughters to our family and society. Every now and then someone will try to assign a number value to the service of a women who takes care of her home and family (not working outside the home). It is always in six figures and that calculation makes a great point. There are many great people whose influence far exceeds their monetary earnings and society is the richer for it."

Ann Romney would approve, I think. -- Bob Kirchman, THYME magazine
Timely, indeed.

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Bob K. said...

Thank you Lynn!

Doesn't it give you great hope for the future, as we prepare to put our next President from Massachussetts into office, how Ann Romney has turned a cheap attack into a priceless tribute to every woman who's traded the red Miata for a red mini-van. She will make a classy First Lady, to be sure!