Saturday, April 21, 2012

George & Susan Allen praise military veterans at forum

Henrico, VA – Today, George and Susan Allen hosted a Veterans Issues Forum at the Paul & Phyllis Galanti Education Center at the Virginia War Memorial, where they each listened to shared concerns from Richmond-area Veterans and spoke about their respect for the service and sacrifice of all military families. 

George Allen also discussed his Compact with Veterans to honor the men and women who stand strong for freedom and his continued commitment to ensuring our nation keeps its promises to those who have served and sacrificed and those who are currently serving.

“It is an honor to gather here at the Virginia War Memorial, a tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice,” said George Allen.  “We owe it to those who have fallen to remember their selfless acts and carry on their spirit by keeping America strong for freedom.  Veterans and their families have my personal commitment to steadfastly advocate for their concerns and America keeping her promises to our veterans and their families for the benefits they've honorably earned in service to our country."

Susan Allen, whose father was a Lt. Colonel in the Marine Corps and did two tours in Vietnam, spoke about her experiences growing up in a military family and how all military families are involved in the same service and sacrifice.

“I grew up in a military family and George and I understand the sacrifice and emotional strain isn’t just limited to the person on active duty,” said Susan Allen. “We were all part of the military community. We were tied together with strong bonds of friendship, as well as the daily stress for loved ones who may have been in harm’s way.  When George pledges his commitment to Veterans, he is also speaking about family members and dependents who are making their own sacrifices for our nation.”

“George Allen has stood strong for the concerns of Veterans and military families before and I know he will be a committed partner and advocate for our voices in Washington again,” said Bob Sussan, American Legion and VFW life member. “He understands and shares the same concerns that Veterans and military families throughout Virginia and America are facing.  Whether it’s the steep increases in fees in Tricare or the drastic and devastating cuts to national defense, I know George Allen will fight for our values in Washington and make sure America never breaks those sacred promises made to our men and women in uniform and our families.”

Click Here to Read George Allen’s Compact With Veterans: Honoring the Men and Women Who Stand Strong for Freedom

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