Saturday, April 21, 2012

News and Advance: Senate Dems 'Ineptitude Bordering on Malfeasance'

~ Editorial rips Senate Democrats for acting 'like spoiled little brats' ~

The editorial board of the Lynchburg News and Advance was not pleased with the behavior of Senate Democrats in regard to the state budget. Excerpts from the editorial follow, but I encourage you to read the entire piece.

"... Once again, it was the 20 Democratic members of the Virginia Senate who gave nightmares and migraines to local government officials from Tidewater to Southwest, from Northern Virginia to Southside and all regions in between...

... The 20 Democrats whined from Day One about being on the short end of the stick. They lost in court, when they filed suit earlier this year to force power sharing, and ever since, they've been using the all-important budget process to squeeze concessions from the Republican caucus...

... First, they said they would only vote for a budget if Republicans agreed to power sharing on committees. That brazen grab at power flamed out as Virginians across the state heaped scorn on the Democrats.

So then, they cloaked their intransigence and lust for power in the mantle of public education. Gov. Bob McDonnell and the GOP scraped together more money for the schools, and still the Democrats balked. Then they said they were fighting for commuters who were averse to paying tolls on major highway projects. Again, McDonnell massaged the numbers to put off the toll blow for a year, and again Democrats balked.

Now, Democrats then said they were fighting for highway dollars in Northern Virginia. What a load of horse manure..."

Find the entire piece here.

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