Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring has arrived at Blue Ridge Parkway's Humpback Rock Farm

Steps to the past ...

It was a nice day -- temps in upper 70s -- to visit Humpback Rock Farm with spring blossoms and flowering trees. It's not officially open yet for the tourist season -- the Visitor Center is scheduled to open in a couple of weeks and the farmstead's reenactors will return Memorial Day -- but that made it even nicer because we had it to ourselves.
The white blossoms of Virginia's state tree, the dogwood, could be seen at the farmstead and throughout the wooded mountainsides.

I don't know what this beautiful pink blooming bush is ... anyone know?

Dogwood blossoms

There were dozens of bicyclists on the Parkway and at Afton Mountain overlook.

Howardsville Turnpike offered the road less traveled....

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
16 April 2012

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