Sunday, April 21, 2013

Crabtree Falls ... Rt. 56 through George Washington National Forest

This arched bridge, put in place in 1978 after being shipped from New York State in one piece, crosses the Tye River at the Crabtree Falls hiking area. It used to be the start of the trail but the parking lot is now located behind it so it's not necessary to cross the bridge to begin the hike.

Saturday was a beautiful spring day with temps around 60 so the parking area was completely full. There was a church bus there, and one group was sitting on the ground around their vehicle having a picnic. This is arguably one of the most popular hikes in the George Washington National Forest.

Obey all signs and stay on the trail. At least 28 people have died by falling down the Falls over the past 20 years including a Liberty University student who died two weeks ago when she ventured off the trail. Treacherous, transparent algae grows on the rocks making them extremely slick.

Rt. 56 in the Crabtree Falls area of Nelson County.

Tye River tumbles and falls over boulders along Rt. 56.

My kind of road! But I didn't take a chance with my not-a-4-wheel-drive Nissan. This is Meadows Lane, the route to the upper parking area for Crabtree Falls. Follow the upper stream beyond the Falls. There's great info about this trail Hiking Upward website.

The Lynchburg Daily Progress has a good article about the dangers of the Falls.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
April 20, 2013

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