Monday, April 15, 2013

George W. Bush to participate in 2013-14 Richmond Forum series

Former President George W. Bush, actor Steve Martin, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown ... what's not to like about the Richmond Forum's 2013-14 lineup? The Richmond Times-Dispatch lists all the guest speakers for the upcoming season:
November: A panel discussion titled “Islam: A Religion of Violence or Peace?”

January: Dan Buettner, a researcher, explorer, author and National Geographic Fellow, will present “The Science of Happiness.” The presentation is based on his research into happiness around the world.

February: President George W. Bush will talk about his time in the White House, decision-making and his experience dealing with world leaders.

March: Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will present “2025: Shaping a New Future,” which is about the major changes — including economic, social and technological — that will shape the world in coming years.

April: Comedian Steve Martin will discuss the creative process and how his work has grown over the years in a talk called “Stand Up: My Rise and Collapse.”
It's a nice variety of speakers for the new season. If interested, check out the Richmond Forum website.

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