Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pragmatic leadership: Saxman, Moran, Jones form public affairs, business firm

In a press release on Wednesday, former Delegate Chris Saxman, former Democratic Party of Virginia chairman Brian Moran, and Rob Jones announced a new partnership between three names familiar in Virginia political circles.
Today we announce the launch of a new partnership between three established names in Virginia, Brian Moran, Chris Saxman and Rob Jones. This team is joining forces to create New South Strategic Partners, a public affairs and business strategy services firm. New South SP will be guided by its extensive state and local government experience, in both the legislative and executive branches.

In an era of government gridlock and heightened partisanship, New South SP will offer common-sense solutions to common problems. With the shifting political landscape in Virginia, many of the challenges facing the Commonwealth require responses that both Democrats and Republicans can support. Moran and Saxman are leaders in their respective parties who also have respect and credibility across the political aisle. The New South SP team recognizes that our elected officials need to be pragmatic and can do so without compromising their principles.
More leaders who recognize that leadership can be pragmatic without compromising core principles.

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