Saturday, April 20, 2013

Really? Libertarians question law enforcement actions in Boston

My thoughts exactly, Fishersville Mike:
Reporter just asked about Miranda warnings. Really?
Meanwhile,  Libertarians and the president of the Rutherford Institute are claiming the lock-down and door-to-door searches in Watertown, Massachusetts, bypassed civil liberties. Karen Kwiatkowski, a well-known Ron Paul follower, echoed other Libertarians when she wrote on Facebook, "6th District Republican votes for the horribly flawed and unconstitutional CISPA! We weren't watching because FEDGOV is conducting martial law in Boston."

Really? Really? I never cease to be amazed at those who try to be armchair quarterbacks while seated safely away from the action.

Walk a mile in the shoes of law enforcement and emergency workers in the middle of the Boston Marathon bomber manhunt including gun battles.

Walk a mile in the shoes of the 26-year-old M.I.T. police officer shot and killed, or in the shoes of the 33-year-old Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority officer, a husband and father and VMI grad, lying in a hospital bed in critical condition. A city was in fear for five days ... three people at the marathon were killed and over 100 others injured. Limbs blown off, terror on the streets, no sleep.

Tell those people you disagree with how law enforcement handled this situation. And while you're at it, watch the video of thousands on the streets of Boston waving American flags, shouting "USA! USA!", cheering, and applauding those men and women who worked to bring peace back to the streets.

And when you voice your objections to those First Responders and citizens who lived through it all ... I want to be there to watch their reactions. Heh.

UPDATE #1: Why Ron Paul is slamming  Boston's response to the bombings 

UPDATE #2: Glenn Beck compares Boston lock-down to Nazi German

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Rachel said...

Well, I'd probably be with the naysayers on this one. Bostonians themselves are tired of "lockdown" being the first thought, whether it's a suspect or a blizzard. It's becoming a disturbing trend there! And, you know, it wasn't until the lockdown was lifted and the boat owner was able to find the suspect that they actually...caught the suspect.

I'd be miffed, too.

But certainly no one should be attacking the actual emergency responders and officers-on-the-scene. It's more the red tape stuff that is annoying and infringing.