Friday, February 15, 2008

Conservatives ... don't quit now!

I talked with a good friend and neighbor this morning who is a military mom and wife. Her husband is in the Army National Guard and spent a year in Iraq. Her son is also in the military, spent a year in Iraq, and is returning to Iraq next month for his second deployment.

She is scared. Not because her son is going to Iraq ... but because of the political climate in this country at this time. She is scared to death the democrats will take control of the presidency ... and immediately call for withdrawal (defeat) in Iraq.

This directly affects her ... and, yet, she wants us to stay the course in Iraq and complete the mission. She was not a John McCain supporter, military record and all taken into account ... but if he is the Republican nominee he is a better choice than Obama or Hillary because he will continue the military's presence in Iraq. Her family feels that if we pull out of Iraq we will be fighting the enemy here on our own doorstep.

All those libs who are screaming to leave Iraq should talk to the military -- and not just the few who feel as they do. As my friend pointed out to me today, everyone in the military is a volunteer. Anyone who was enlisted when the war began who didn't believe in it is now out. Those remaining believe in the mission.

We cannot lose this war on the homefront as we did during Vietnam. It is up to us to publicly show our support for our troops. While we're at it, we need to show our support for their families who sacrifice here at home while spouses, sons, and daughters are away.

You support the troops? Take their family out to dinner while he's halfway around the world keeping you safe from bombs dropping on your head.

My friend's husband and son are my heroes. But my friend is my hero, too, and I want to thank her for her patriotism and sacrifice.

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