Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The day you were born....

Today is my son's 24th birthday ... and I cannot help but think back twenty-four years ago on a farm in North Carolina when that little rascal arrived three weeks early! No complaints from mom ... but we took him to Richmond at the age of one week -- a full two weeks before he was due -- to show him off to family and friends. He was a tiny little thing -- a little over six pounds -- but he has grown into a strapping six-footer.

He was my friend then, the first-born who was my little companion as we hiked around the farm, fed the cows, picnicked in the mountains, played Nintendo together when he was a little older, schooled at home ... and he is still my friend today. He is protective of his younger sister, with a gentle personality that is open to friendship toward all.

At the age of 11 he declared he wanted to be a "computer guy" ... and a "computer guy" he is after earning his Computer Science degree from James Madison University. He is now employed in Harrisonburg and using that degree.

So today is special as I remember a little blonde curly-headed fella who has brought joy to our lives and makes us proud to call him "son." Happy Birthday!


CR UVa said...

Your son is as old as I am. Happy birthday to him.

My mom never played Nintendo with me though; I got that from my dad.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thanks, CR UVA! I passed your birthday greetings on to him.

I suspect that is one reason I enjoy working with young people, the TARs and CRs -- I can identify with them because they are the same ages as my kids.

My son and I used to have "Nintendo nights" starting when he was about five years old. We would camp out on the living room floor with our sleeping bags in front of the TV and play Nintendo late into the night after everyone else had gone to bed. I loved it as much as he -- even knocked over the Christmas tree one year while I was getting Mario to jump over a chasm. (I'm waaayyy animated!)

His friends used to like to come over to play Nintendo with Mrs. Mitchell -- our favorite was a four-player game (can't recall the name of it). I thought it was funny that those little fellas actually wanted to inlude me!

We had much fun together ... and those are memories we have to share to this day.