Friday, February 22, 2008

Homecoming for 116th Stonewall Brigade ... "Dear American Soldier"

Sign left at entrance to Armory.

The sign was hand-lettered on poster board and left at the entrance to the National Guard Armory in Staunton. Attached were two balloons and small American flags. The sign said:
Dear American Soldier:

During this difficult time please know that we stand behind you and appreciate everything you are doing for our country. When duty called, I am glad that you answered. Our hearts are with you as you walk through danger. You've put your life on the line so that others may live free. May this spirit of "Freedom" continue to guide you through these trying times and God be your pilot.

THANK YOU for your bravery and dedication as you defend our country, and for honoring our country with your service.

In case someone hasn't told you today ...


May God continue to be with you and your families. We are proud of you ... grateful and blessed to be called AMERICANS.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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