Friday, February 22, 2008

Homecoming for 116th Stonewall Brigade ... Grace Christian School turns out for classmate's dad

Grace Christian Middle School students spell out a welcome on the tennis court fence.

Grace Christian elementary students lined the street with signs and American flags.

Two middle school students hold a large American flag.

Grace Christian students made signs to welcome home the heroes.

Middle school students scramble to the top of the Tams Lake dam after soldiers arrive ... for one last flag wave before returning to classes.

Students and faculty line Thornrose Avenue at the entrance to the Armory. Grace Christian School is located directly across the street.

Elementary students proudly hold their "Welcome Home" banner.

Bundled-up students eagerly await the returning soldiers.

Elementary students line street in front of Grace Christian School.
All the students and teachers of Staunton's Grace Christian School, elementary and middle grades, turned out to welcome home the 116th Stonewall Brigade. While they were greeting all the returning heroes, there was one special soldier who was of particular interest to the school. The father of one of the students departed last May with the 116th and, after months spent halfway around the world in Iraq, he was greeted by the kids of Grace Christian. Welcome home, Mike!

Photos by SWAC Girl

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