Friday, February 15, 2008

So this is what's wrong with the Republican Party....

Well, now, this is just plain crazy. NewsMax reports:
Mark McKinnon, a top adviser to Republican presidential front-runner John McCain, says he will quit the campaign if Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination.

McKinnon — a Democrat-turned Republican who was President Bush’s chief media adviser in 2004 — told National Public Radio he would leave the McCain team to avoid involvement in any attacks on Obama.

“I met Barack Obama. I read his book. I like him a great deal,” he said.
"A Democrat-turned Republican." I questioned it when he was hired way back in 2000 (or whenever it was) by the Bush people because it seemed to me they could have found a Republican publicist.

Why is this guy still being hired by "Republicans"? Sounds as if we need to find true Republican publicists to promote our Republican candidates.

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