Friday, February 15, 2008

A message from Mitt Romney ... Republicans need to unite

From the Mitt Romney for President campaign....

Thank you for your strong support and dedication to Governor Romney and the campaign. We had such great success in so many states because of all your hard work and the efforts of your team of volunteers. As you may have heard, yesterday Governor Romney endorsed Senator John McCain for President of the United States. The Governor and his family thought long and hard about this decision and feel that it is best for the Republican Party to bring the country together and unit behind one candidate. We need to provide our party with the best opportunity to defeat the Democrats in November.

Below are Governor Romney’s remarks from his press conference with Senator John McCain:
Thank you all very much. And thank you all for joining us on such short notice.

This isn’t my first joint appearance with Senator John McCain, but it promises to be one of our more pleasant exchanges.

I am honored today to give my full support to Senator McCain’s candidacy for President of the United States. Today I am asking my delegates to vote for Senator McCain.

As you all saw over the past year, things can get rough in a political campaign. And in the thick of the fight it’s easy to lose sight of your opponent’s finer qualities. But in the case of Senator John McCain, I could never quite do that. Even when the contest was close and our disagreements were debated, the caliber of the man was apparent.

This is a man capable of leading our country at a dangerous hour. Senator McCain understands the war we are in – the necessity of victory and the consequences of surrender. For him, national security isn’t just another item on the agenda. It is the abiding concern and responsibility of our nation.

This is a man who tied his political fortunes to the fortunes of his country in a time of war. Such courage is not always rewarded in politics, but it was this time – and that is a credit to both the man and to the party he will lead in the election of 2008.

This is a man who has served and suffered for his country. John McCain’s greatest test was long ago. But the loyalty, and love of country, and strength of heart that saw him through are still the qualities that define him. With their rhetoric, our Democratic opponents are very skilled at striking heroic poses. But with our Republican nominee, we’re going to offer America the real thing.

I am pleased to introduce a real America hero, the next president of the United States, Senator John McCain.
It is time for our party to come together by standing behind Senator John McCain for President in order to keep our country prosperous and strong. Thank you once again for your support of our campaign.


Anonymous said...

I could care less. Stuff like this is what keeps me out of party politics.

AmPowerBlog said...

I could care quite a bit!!

Romney was acting like a true statesman!