Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rush Limbaugh: "Bill Buckley was my greatest inspiration"

I was running errands today when I heard on Rush Limbaugh's radio show that Bill Buckley had died. Somehow the gray overcast winter day seemed just right for such sad news. And Rush seemed to be the proper source for me to hear it from ... I believe Bill Buckley was his hero.

He told of not liking school -- finding it boring and a burden -- and telling his father he wanted to be like Bill Buckley by writing, talking, thinking conservative thoughts. His dad blasted him because everyone in his family had attended college and he reminded Rush that Mr. Buckley had not gotten where he was without going to school.

Rush never did finish college ... but he did become much like his hero and very often met and talked with Mr. Buckley.

Bill Buckley passed away last night in his study while working on his latest book. Somehow ... it seemed fitting.

Rush talked at length throughout his show today about the great leader of the conservative movement. reported:
Rush told listeners on Wednesday that his “desire to learn” came not from school, but from his father, his grandfather — and conservative icon Buckley.

Rush said he began reading Buckley’s newspaper column around age 12 and remembers being “mesmerized” by Buckley’s observations, which he said “literally created my desire to learn…

“The single greatest motivation I had to learn to read, write, and speak the English language as best I could, to expand my vocabulary, came from Bill Buckley.

“He is irreplaceable. There will not be another like him. His intellect and good humor were inspiring to me.

“Buckley was one of the formulative forces in my world view, my politically conservative view of all things.”
Rush recalled that when he told his father he was quitting college after one year, he said he was setting off “to be like Bill Buckley,” to be able “to sit around and write and speak.”

Limbaugh also remembered that when he first called the offices of Buckley’s National Review magazine to request a subscription, “I felt as if I was calling God.”

And years later, after he established himself as a leading conservative talk radio personality, Rush was invited to a National Review editors’ meeting at Buckley’s New York apartment. Rush said he felt as if he was being “summoned by as close to God on earth as you can get.”
Bill Buckley, you will be missed. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. We will continue to carry the torch and pass it on to our children....

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Anonymous said...

Paathetic. i heard the eulogy straight from the fat boy's mouth this aft. how ludicrous, a whingeing coward so terrified of the risk of contradiction that he's unable to engage in dialogue with any but sycophants, babbling on about a man unafraid to have his theories and opinions challenged and countered.

i loved firing line and the intellectual challenges wfb exposed himself to with such delight. limbag was nothing but a useful idiot to the conservative intellectual elite he slavers over.

if angry white radio land so admires wfb, why are they cowering before the idea of the fairness doctrine being reinstated?