Monday, February 25, 2008

John Hager receives Party endorsements for RPV Chairman reelection

John Hager has received the endorsements of all eleven District chairmen in his bid for reelection of the Republican Party of Virginia. Below is the letter that was sent to Chairman Hager.

Dear Mr. Chairman:

We are writing to heartily endorse your reelection as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. We appreciate your leadership and the measurable progress being made under your leadership. What the Republican Party of Virginia needs right now is stability, continuity and leadership. The Party is targeted on its mission and is clearly focused on winning elections.

The mission of the Party is to identify, recruit, educate, motivate and deliver the bedrock Republican vote. To be successful, the Party must raise substantial funds and communicate well with its many constituencies. A solid plan is in place. In fact we have a firm Finance Plan, Communications Plan and Political Plan all currently being executed.

The Party raised almost $2 million last year, double previous years. Once again, we have a joint Republican Caucus in the General Assembly. The Party established full-time regional Field Staff last year and is expanding the scope this year. The Advance was the most heavily attended in history and brought improved training to grass roots activists. The 1st District victory was nationally recognized. The Party will accelerate the involvement of local supporters, the identification of registered voters, improve lists and institute accountability for all units this year.

There is a big challenge ahead. 2008 involves not only a huge State Convention, but also a National Convention. Detailed plans have been underway for some time. These must be flawlessly executed. The February Primary involved countless hours of preparation. The Welcoming Committee provides a whole new dimension. The Party has so many roles and responsibilities and is a functioning business.

Let us tell it like it is, now is not then time for disruption. Now is the time for us all to be together on the same page, working for the same cause and generating results.

Chairman Hager, please continue your effective leadership...raising the necessary funds...traveling hundreds of miles each month all over the Commonwealth promoting the Republican message. There is a fine experienced and effective team in place. Please continue the managing partnership with our seasoned Executive Director as we work toward victory in 2008 and 2009...elections that will determine the dominate party for the next generation!

Because we care for the future of the Republican Party of Virginia, we have signed and committed our support to you.

Tom Foley, 1st District Chair
Bruce Meyer. 2nd District Chair
Mike Wade, 3rd District Chair
Jason Gray, 4th District Chair
George Sterling, 5th District Chair
Fred Anderson, 6th District Chair
Linwood Cobb, 7th District Chair
David Avella, 8th District Chair
Stan Young, 9th District Chair
Jim Rich, 10th District Chair
Becky Stoeckel, 11th District Chair

Kevin Gentry, Eastern Region Vice Chair
Jim Hale, Western Region Vice Chair
Polly Campbell, Secretary, RPV
Morton Blackwell, Republican National Committeeman
Mike Thomas, First Vice Chair, RPV
Chuck Smith, Chairman Welcoming Committee, RPV
Fred Malek, Finance Chairman, RPV
Lisa Gable, Finance Co-Chair, RPV
Rick Neel, Treasurer, RPV

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