Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crocodile Hunter's kids carry on in dad's absence

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin would be proud of his offspring. Nine-year-old daughter, Bindi, and four-year-old son, Robert, are as comfortable interacting with wildlife as their dad was.

After Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray barb in 2006 at the age of 44, his wife and children were left to carry on his legacy. And carry on, they have. Bindi has her own TV show, "Bindi the Jungle Girl," with assistance from her mom. And Robert is learning the ropes.

TV shows, trips to exotic locations around the globe ... and now there are action toys modeled after Steve and Bindi Irwin. Even with Steve gone, the family goes on in a tribute to his teachings.


The Squeaky Wheel said...

When I watch his daughter I am creeped out by the stage Mom who trains her to talk like an adult. He career is only because of her Dad's death. it is creepy and exploitive.

And her doom and gloom 'song' about the enviroment are a blame man-first usual lefty enviromental crap that is propoganda to children.

Best thing that happened to this kid's career was that stingray... just no one will say it.

The legacy he left them was $$$$$

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Hello Squeaky! Thanks for dropping by ... is it snowy up your way? If so, could you send some to the Valley because we would like a little more before spring takes over.

While I do not necessarily agree with everything the Irwin family is doing, it is their family and not mine. Bindi talks like an adult because, if I understand it correctly, she is home schooled ... and my experience with most home schooled students, including my own, is they are more articulate at a young age because they interact quite a bit with adults and not just peers their own age. I think Bindi appears to be a intelligent little girl.

As to the children being exploited, if I understand correctly, Steve was raised in a similar fashion by his parents who ran the Australian zoo. It is a different lifestyle but, in my opinion, not necessarily a bad one.

I don't agree with the Irwin's embracing of environmental warming and other issues.

Bindi worked with her dad and thus had her own career underway when her father was killed. Is she being exploited? I cannot answer that. She does seem to have a natural ability in what she does and I admire that she is so voiced and personable at the age of nine.

I differ with you on the legacy but wouldn't want to get the Squeaky Wheel angry at me! I think those kids were left with something that started with Steve Irwin's parents and, possibly, before. I prefer to see a positive coming out of his death rather than cynicism.

Thanks again for stopping by and "squeaking" at SWAC Girl. :) Take care!