Thursday, February 28, 2008

Delegate Chris Saxman updates constituents....

By Delegate Chris Saxman

The 2008 General Assembly session is winding down, though important works remains to be done as House and Senate conferees try to work out the differences in the budget. Next week I look forward to presenting you with an end of session report on the accomplishments of the 2008 session. Today, however, I am writing to share with you the result of my legislative questionnaire I notified you about at the start of the session. Thank you for the outstanding participation and input you provided.

Let me take a moment to highlight some of the questionnaire’s findings.
Full results are posted on my website.

The questionnaire results showed:

- 70 percent oppose tax increases and want government to live within its means
- 70 percent oppose expanding the existing pre-K program for at risk children to other children not deemed to be at risk.
- Respondents overwhelmingly supported measures to fight illegal immigration
- 90 percent support giving local government more authority to deny new residential developments and more influence in land use decisions
- 70 percent supported reforms to payday lending including limiting the number of loans an individual can take out per year

The individual responses and comments were also of great assistance as I examined legislation that came across my desk this session.

In the next week the House and Senate will put together a budget agreeable to both chambers. I pledge to work with my colleagues to ensure any budget that passes protects core services, cuts wasteful spending and curtails unwise new spending given the fiscal uncertainty Virginia is facing.

I am looking forward to getting back to the Valley and having the opportunity to catch up with you and get your feedback on our efforts this session. As always, feel free to contact me as if you have any suggestions or if I may be of assistance.


Chris Saxman

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